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Starring: Trey Ratcliff

Sometimes Fate plays an interesting hand… Today I came to Queenstown to interview Chris McLennan, and he suggested I get in touch with Trey Ratcliff, who has, with his family, just shifted to Q’town to live.

In true “Virtually Famous” spirit I made contact with the man who is in 2.5 million Google+ Circles (I really need to upskill on G+ !!!) via Twitter, and he agreed to be a part of the doco!

I love that Social Media collapses the socially-depriving ethos of “you-can’t-touch-me” that crept into the world in the 80’s, and allows contact with influential people to be simple and available.

Ok, it doesn’t always happen, especially when you’re talking about someone who must get thousands of messages a day, but today was a perfect example that IT CAN. And when it does it’s a beautiful thing!

Name: Trey Ratcliff
Blogger, Artist
Location: New Zealand
Google+ 2.5 Million Circles


Starring: Chris McLennan

Name: Chris Mclennan
“Director and Photographer”
Location: New Zealand
Facebook: 26,000+ Likes

In a severe case of “I bet you wish you were doing this” I’m flying to Queenstown to interview Chris in June… One of the most beautiful places in the world! Plus I have a couple of extra things planned for Chris’s interview… Watch this space!

planetMitch from planet5D

When I met up with planetMitch at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, the piped music throughout the entire hotel meant the quietest place for an interview was… the Wedding Chapel! Oh, how very Vegas of us, darling!

Canon 5D MK III to Feature in Virtually Famous

Great News! Canon (New Zealand) have come to the Virtually Famous party with a 5D MK III for our filming in Las Vegas next week!

Canon have been great supporters of mine since I was editor of NZ Photographer eMagazine (, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with Canon NZ’s CPS Manager Mieke van Der Walle in Vegas! I promise I’ll look after your camera, Mieke 🙂

I’m looking forward to showcasing some of the 5d’s features, especially the 60fps and the low-light capabilities, within the film. Should I hold a competition afterwards for you to guess which scenes were shot on MK II vs. MK III? Probably not…

Canon 5D MK III

Who I’d LOVE to Interview for Virtually Famous

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so… are you an influential contact with any of these amazing people??

Do you know how I can contact:


Name: Chase Jarvis
“Maniac Photographer Director”
Location: Seattle & NYC, USA
Twitter: @ChaseJarvis 113,000+ Followers

Chase has an almost impenetrable wall of no-response to all forms of social media and email that I’ve attempted. I could call the contact number on his website, but that goes against the idea of using social media to make this film… Chase uses social media like a pro (which he is, of course) and his stories would likely be an amazing tribute to the importance of using social media properly!


Name: Brian “BT” Transeau
“Grammy Nominated Composer and Technologist”
Location: USA
Twitter: @BT 335,000+ Followers

I don’t really blame him, with THAT many followers there must be a slurry of attention-grabbing tweets sent his way, but even his PR person refuses to reply… another toughie!


Name: Jasmine Star
“Photographer. Blogger.”
Location: USA
Twitter: @jasminestar 40,900+ Followers

Jasmine’s story of her rise to one of America’s top 10 wedding photographers is linked to how she has harnessed social media… trouble is, her manager claims she doesn’t have 30 minutes ‘this year’ for an interview… I’ve had 3 no’s, and should probably try twice more to make sure, but I’m also sure that someone else influential could persuade her to participate in the film…

Starring: Sue Bryce

Name: Sue Bryce
Photographer, Anthropologist. Glamour Aficionado. Avid Shoe wearer
Location: Sydney
Twitter: 4,500+ followers

To be interviewed in early May 2012

Starring: Mitch “Planet5D” Aunger

Name: Mitch “Planet5D” Aunger
“planet5d – the best HDSLR information on the planet!”
Location: St Louis, USA
Twitter: @Planet5D 22,300+ Followers

Interview planned for Sunday 15th April, at NAB in Las Vegas

Starring: Jeremy Cowart

Name: Jeremy Cowart
“Photographer / Founder of @Help_Portrait”
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Twitter: @JeremyCowart 48,600+ Followers

To be interviewed in LA on the 21st or 22nd April

Starring: Ad “Indywoodfilms” Lane

Name: Ad Lane
“Independent Filmmaker”
Location: Kent, UK
Twitter: @indywoodFILMS 98,000+ Followers

To be interviewed via Skype and the 5DMkII

Starring: Vincent Laforet

Name: Vincent Laforet
“Filmmaker – DGA Director & DP, Photographer, Producer”
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Twitter: @VincentLaforet 37,900+ Followers

Interview to come – booked for Saturday 14th April, 4pm, Las Vegas

Starring: Nino Leitner

Name: Nino Leitner
“Award winning cinematographer, filmmaker, film producer”
Location: Vienna, Austria
Twitter: @NinoLeitner 24,000+ Followers

Interviewed in a cafe in Vienna

Starring: Philip Bloom

Name: Philip Bloom
“Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Blogger etc. DSLR Cinematographer”
Location: London, UK
Twitter: @PhilipBloom 39,000+ Followers

Interviewed in London (in his kitchen, no less!)

Virtually Famous – A Film by Ollie Dale

Ever wondered how that photographer got 50,000 followers? Or if, in fact, there is any benefit to blogging and tweeting and posting and sharing? Is Social Media a waste of time, or can it be useful?

Follow Ollie, the Director of Virtually Famous, as he attempts to use Social Media to make contact with people around the world to make the film – can he use Social Media to make a film and prove that it can be a useful business and networking tool? Or is Social Media not all it’s cracked up to be – a whole lot of people talking about themselves to nobody in particular?

Virtually Famous will interview leading creative people and discuss how they use Social Media as a tool in their businesses, if it has helped build their profile  and grow their networks, and whether or not there’s any business generated from it.


I am a filmmaker from New Zealand, and I want to prove that Social Media can be a useful business tool by interviewing influential people in the creative industry about their views and successes using Social Media. The sub-plot is the actual making of the movie itself will be by using Social Media to connect with these people, and the journey I go on from inception of the idea through connecting with and meeting in real life people with thousands of ‘followers’.

Not only will the stories of these influentials teach the viewer about how useful a tool Social Media can be, the journey the viewer goes on with me making the film will show the effectiveness social media can have in a tangible way.

– Ollie Dale

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